process to bypass safety switch on lawnmower

How To Bypass Safety Switch On My Lawn Mower? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Are you facing difficulties with the safety switch on your lawnmower? It may be. But you know the safety switch is attached to the mower for your safety purpose. It will save you from any type of injury. 

Some people feel disturbed by the safety switch of the mower. Do you know why?  Because they need to tap the safety switch when they start moving in a reverse position. 

So, what is the solution? Of course, bypassing the safety switch is the solution that can save you from this hassle. 

Have you any idea in this regard? No? Ok. nothing to worry about.

In this article, we will discuss how to bypass the safety switch on my lawnmower. You will get all the necessary information about what you are looking for. 

So without wasting time, let’s begin. 

The Process To Bypass Safety Switch On Lawnmower

The Process To Bypass Safety Switch On Lawnmower

Bypassing the safety switch is a simple process. You can do this at home by yourself. And it approximately takes 10-15 minutes. You do not even need any skill to bypass the safety switch.

Before starting the process, you will need to manage the required tools that will make the task handy. Let’s have a look at what you will need to bypass the safety switch.

Required tools

When all the required tools are close to hand, now it’s time to start the process. Follow the steps outlined below to bypass the safety switch on the mower.

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Prepare The Lawn Mower For Work

Take the lawnmower into a flat surface or your garage for the convenience of the work.

Step #2: Disconnect The Spark Plug

Enable the parking mode of the mower and disconnect the spark plug from the mower. 

Step #3: Pull The Front Hood Upwards

Remove the screws attached to the mower front hood. Pull the hood upwards. 

Step #4: Disconnect The Battery Cables

Locate the battery and cut off the battery cables from the terminal. At first, disconnect the negative cable from the terminal by using a ratchet. Now, disconnect the positive cable also from the terminal.

Step #5: Locate The Safety Switch

You will find the safety switch beside the negative terminal of the lawnmower battery. The safety switch is made of the plastic harness. Two wires are attached to the harness. 

Step #6: Disconnect The Safety Switch Wires

Hold the plastic harness with one hand and pull the wires with the other hand. If you are unable to disconnect the wires by hand, use pliers. Garb the wires with pliers and pull them outward. 

Step #7: Cover The Wires

After removing the wires, tie the wires together. Cover the wires with electrical tape for safety purposes. 

Step #8: Reconnect The Batter Cables

Now, it’s time to reconnect the battery cables. This time, you have to connect the positive cable first. Then, reconnect the negative cable also. 

Step #9: Lower The Front Hood

Replace the hood in its previous position and attach the screws. 

Step #10: Test The Lawn Mower

Now, take your position in the mower seat and place the key in the ignition switch. Turn on the power of the mower. Test the mower by lowering the mower deck and engaging the mower blade. 

When you are able to move the mower easily into the reverse position, then the bypass of the safety switch is successful.  

Video: The Process To Bypass Safety Switch On Lawnmower


  • Wear hand gloves when disconnecting the wires by hand. 
  • Carefully operate ratchet and pliers to avoid any kind of unwanted injury. 

Final Verdict

Finally, we can say that bypassing the lawnmower safety switch is really a simple task. In fact, you do not need to call any technician to do that!  

But, when bypassing the lawnmower safety switch, do not permanently disable the switch. It will violate the warranty of the manufacturers. So, be careful about it. 

Hopefully,  this article has helped you to understand how to bypass the safety switch on my lawnmower. Now, the floor is yours.  

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