How To Change Lawn Mower Tire

How To Change Lawn Mower Tire? Here Is The Process

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Imagine a lawnmower with a damaged tire. What does it look like?  Obviously garbage. Right? Most importantly, it can cause serious injury for you?

Would you let your lawn mower be garbage just for a damaged tire? Or do you want to go through such a horrible situation? It will not be the work of a wise man.

So, what will you do now? Of course, you need to change your tires to give the mower back its old strength.

Due to regular mowing the tires of the lawnmower can be damaged by brick and pebbles.And a worn and punctured tire can’t give its highest performance in the time of mowing. 

How To Change Lawn Mower Tire

Now come to the crucial fact. Do you know how to change lawn mower tires? No? Ok. It’s not a big deal. 

We are here for you to give you the proper guidance in this regard.

So, Why late? Let’s change it. 

A complete guideline to change a lawnmower tire

You will need some tools when you go to do any repair and replacement. Right? I think you agree with me. So, before going to the main task, let’s have a look at what you will need to change a lawnmower tire. 

Required tools: 

Now, have you collected all the required tools? If so, then we can start the changing process. Just follow the steps outlined below.

Steps to follow:   

Step #1: Set The Mower Into A Flat Surface

At first take your lawnmower into a flat surface and enable the parking mode of the mower for the convenience of work.

Step #2: Disconnect The Spark Plug

Disconnect the power cable or spark plug from your mower. It will save you from being electrified.

Step #3: Adjust The Jack

Place the jack under the frame of the wheel whose tire is damaged. Adjust the jack to the frame so that it can easily hold the weight of the mower. 

Step #4: Remove the Tire

Now, Remove the cap installed in the middle of the wheel. This cap is called the debris cap. Use pliers to remove the wheel pin and collect washer attached to the pin. 

This time, pull the tire back and forth with your hands and pull it out of the wheel axle. Make sure that the axle of the wheel is not damaged in the time of removing the wheel.

Step #5: Detach The Valve Stem

Remove the headpiece of the valve stem and push the needle so that all the air goes out of the tire. Use the valve stem tire removal tool to detach the valve from the tire. 

Step #6: Clean and Remove The Wheel Rim

Take the cleaning brush and clean the dirt attached with the wheel rim. Mix some dishwashing soap with water. Now apply the solution around the rim of the tire. It will help you to remove the tire from the rim easily. 

Remove the rim by using two screwdrivers. Insert the screwdriver between the rim and the tire and separate the tire from the rim by pressing the screwdrivers down.

Step #7: Install The New Tire

When the old tire will come out of the rim, it’s time to install the new one. Apply some amount of dishwashing soap and water mixed solution on all sides of the new tire center. 

Again take the screwdrivers to attach the rim properly with the tire. Apply more solutions if needed. 

Step #8: Inflate The Tire With Air

Now, it’s time to insert air into the tire. Before inserting air, make sure that the tire is fully attached to the rim and the valve stem. Use the air compressor to inflate the new tire. Check the air pressure of the tire by using the tire gauge. 

Step #9: Reassemble the Other Parts

Replace the washer and the new tire into the wheel axle. Replace the pin and debris cap also. 

Step #10: Remove The Jack

When the wheel is properly installed with the wheel axle, remove the jack from the frame of the mower. 

Step #11: Reconnect The Spark Plug

Reconnect the power cable or spark plug with the mower and disable the parking mode.

Done! Now your mower has regained its old strength and is fully ready for mowing.


  • Carefully remove the tire from the rim. If the screwdrivers get out of hand, you can get any kind of injury.
  • Do not over inflate the tire. This can cause the tire to explode. 
  • Before starting the mower, check all the connections again to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents.
How To Change Lawn Mower Tire

Final verdict

If you want to change the damaged tire of your mower, you can do this at home. I think you are sure now about that.

You know changing the tires of a lawnmower is not a cumbersome task but you need approximately 50- 60 minutes to complete the task. 

And you do not need any extra skills to change a damaged tire. If you do this at home you can save the money for the maintenance of the mower

Hopefully, this article has given you the proper guidelines on how to change lawn mower tires. 

Now, it is your turn. Change your old lawn mower tower and be risk free. 

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