How To Change Oil On Craftsman Lawn Mower [Step by Step]

How To Change Oil On Craftsman Lawn Mower [Step by Step]

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Changing the oil is an essential part of the lawn mower’s proper maintenance. It’s important to change the oil at regular intervals to achieve maximum output power.

Old and repeatedly used oil will get dirty over time while breaking down the additives. Even top-notch Craftsman lawn mowers are no exception to this.

Currently, Craftsman mowers have engines made by Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Tecumseh. You can’t expect to keep up the power on output without changing the oil.

So, how to change the oil on a Craftsman lawn mower like a professional? Have a look at our step-by-step guidelines on a good oil change.

When to Change Lawn mower Oil?

It’s compulsory to change the oil to keep the mower functional. You must change the existing oil every summer or spring.

Another rule of thumb is to change the oil after every 50 hours of use. However, more frequent mowing means more frequent changing.

But, in the case of riding mowers, they require oil changes at less frequent intervals. You can replace the oil every 100 hours of use or annually.

Not everyone agrees with the standard intervals. But keeping the changing interval between 25 to 50 hours seems ideal.

How to Change the Oil on a Craftsman

There are many different lawn mower models from Craftsman. However, almost all the mowers share a similar oil-changing process. And we prepared the guide to let you handle any craftsman mower easily.

Step 1: Always keep the lawnmower on a level surface to change the oil. Start the mower and run the engine for 5 – 10 minutes, and then turn it off. It should warm up the oils for extraction. Initial warming makes the oil’s removal easier.

Step 2: If you haven’t turned off the engine, yet, please do so now. Hit the parking brake, in the case of Craftsman riding mowers.

Step 3: Now focus on the mower’s front hood. Raise the hood to open the engine. Don’t forget to prop the hood using a steady stick to keep it open. Make sure the stick can hold the raised hood.

Step 4: Pay attention to the engine assembly to locate the spark plug. The mechanical part is an electrode that looks very similar to standard screw bolts. It remains mounted on the Craftsman engine’s top section.

Step 5: A wire should run from the spark plug to another engine part. Follow the wire-plug connecting point to find its rubber boot. Gently pull the boot to disconnect the wire from the spark plug.

Step 6: Put on gloves before heading to the oil section. Locate the oil dipstick (a tool, or a rod, that measures the depth of the oil) or the lid on the oil container. The dipstick mostly remains on the engine’s side. Rotate the dipstick to remove it from the oil-filled tube.

Step 7: Now check the side of the engine once more to locate the oil drain port. It should be located below the oil fill tube. Gently attach or clip a draining sleeve or pipe directly on the oil draining port.

Step 8: Place a collecting pan directly under the clipped sleeve or pipe. Turn the drain plug counterclockwise using a pair of pliers to remove it. This is a grip cap attached to the dipstick that extends from the engine.

Step 9: The oil will start draining from the engine to the pan through the sleeve or pipe. Wait several minutes to ensure every drop of the oil is drained. Clean the surrounding engine surfaces to wipe out the sticky oil using a cloth.

Step 10: Now, put the drain plug in its place to turn the plug clockwise. Keep turning the plug until it’s tightened completely. But, don’t ever use extra force to overtighten the threaded plug.

Step 11: Place a funnel directly on the opened oil fill tube. Pour the recommended type of motor oil into the tube using the funnel. Check the user manual closely to find out the preferred oil type.

Step 12: Check the oil capacity of your engine to purchase the necessary amount. Push lawn mowers mostly have 15oz to 18oz capacity. On the other hand, the capacity for Craftsman riding mowers is 48oz to 64oz.

Step 13: Slowly, pour the oil in periodic intervals to check on the oil level. Don’t just pour the entire amount into the tube at once.

Step 14: Remove the funnel from the tube to dip the dipstick. Don’t forget to wipe the oil off of the dipstick, using a cloth, every time. Lifting the dipstick will reveal the current oil level.

Step 15: A Craftsman dipstick features a mark labeled ‘Full’ inside the dipstick. Keep pouring the oil to make sure the level reaches the ‘Full’ mark. Always try to avoid overfilling the tank and do not exceed the mark.

Step 16: Once the oil level reaches the ‘Full’ mark, remove the funnel. Dip the dipstick and tighten its cap to lock the tube. Conduct a test drive or mowing after completing the oil change.

Always keep the user manual while working on the lawn mower. It’ll save you from unnecessary steps, confusion, and identification problems.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know how to change the oil on a Craftsman lawn mower by yourself. Whether it’s a self-propelled type or a riding type – you’re good to go.

The process is considerably easy, simple, and quick. It only takes a minimal number of tools, gears, and time. Our guide should help anyone, from beginners to experts.

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