How To Start A Troy Bilt Lawn Mower

How To Start A Troy Bilt Lawn Mower? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Are you facing trouble to start your Troy Bilt lawnmower? It may happen when you are new to this brand.

But You know actually it’s not a troublesome task to start a Troy Bilt mower. It’s really simple and easy.

Troy Bilt mower’s starting process is basically not similar to the other mowers. I guess that’s the reason you face trouble. Right? 

No need to worry. You will get the necessary guideline here. Trust me, after reading this, starting a Troy Bilt mower will be a piece of cake to you. 

In this article, we will try to give you a clear idea about how to start a Troy Bilt lawnmower. 

So, without delay, let’s begin. 

The Process To Start A Troy Bilt Lawnmower

Basically, starting a Troy Bilt lawn mower is not a difficult task if you purchase a new one or all the parts of the mower are in good condition. 

But before starting the mower, check some basic things that will be helpful for you to start the mower flawlessly. Let’s have a look at the basic things required to start a Troy Bilt Mower.

  • If you purchase a new one, just fill the fuel tank with fuel. Change the old fuel if you have used the lawnmower for a long time. 
  • Check the level of the oil by using a dipstick attached to the lid of the fuel tank. 
  • Connect the spark plug with the mower for a new one and clean the spark plug for an older one. 
  • Check the connection of the battery and solenoid too. For an older one, check the condition of the battery and solenoid also. 

If all the things are in good condition, then following a few steps can help you to hear the desired sound. Let’s see what the steps are. 

How To Start A Troy Bilt Lawn Mower

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Preparation Before Starting

Place the mower into an even surface and enable the parking mode of the mower. 

Step #2: Push The Brake Downwards

The important thing is that you don’t find any choke or primer in the Troy Bilt mower. It seems a little bit weird if you use the other brand’s mower. Now just push the brake downwards and you are really close to hear the desired sound.

Step #3: Pull The Starter Cord

Pull the starter cord of the mower twice or thrice. Actually pulling the starter cord twice or thrice is enough to start a mower.

However, if the mower doesn’t start, just try it a few more times to start the mower. And you will hear the sound immediately. 

Done! Now you can easily decorate your lawn with your Troy Bilt Lawnmower.


  • Disengage the mower blade before starting the mower. 
  • Since a lawnmower is a machine, wear safety clothing to avoid any kind of unwanted situation. 

Final verdict

To sum up, starting a Troy Bilt lawn mower is really a simple task. In fact, Troy Bilt mowers are mechanically easier to start than the other mower.  

You just need to follow the above-mentioned process to start your Troy Bilt lawnmower. 

Hopefully, from this article, you’ve got a clear idea about how to start a Troy Bilt lawnmower. 

So, why late? Pull the cord and enjoy mowing! 

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