How To Make A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

How To Make A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? Here Is The Process

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Nowadays, most of the people enjoy their leisure time by mowing their lawn. You also, right? And yo know many people choose the hydrostatic lawn mower due to their immense benefits. 

The hydrostatic lawn mower is not similar to the regular belt or gear conducted lawnmower. The quick response rather than the other lawnmower brought it to the forefront of the list of people’s favorites. 

Since it is a machine, it sometimes shows slow motion due to regular use and irregular maintenance. But note that regular maintenance and some simple replacement can make it faster again.

Now come to the crucial fact. Have you any idea on how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster?  If you have no idea then be patient.

In this article, you will get all the guidelines to make your mower faster. 

Let’s begin. 

Guidelines On Making A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

A hydrostatic lawn mower totally depends on the fuel. Unlike other lawn mowers, it has no belts. Fuel oil instead of belts transport energy from the engine to the wheels. For this, the mower is relatively faster than other mowers and is suitable for long-time mowing.

Now, before going to the replacement, you need to focus on regular maintenance. You know regular maintenance makes any type of device long-lasting. A lawnmower is no exception. 

Regular Maintenance

Let’s take a look at some parts of the lawnmower of which regular maintenance can make your mower faster and long-lasting. 

1. Regular inspection of tires

Wheels always play an important role in hydrostatic lawn mowers. And regular inspection of the air pressure is needed for the smooth movement of the lawnmower. 

If all the tires do not have the same air pressure, then the mower runs slowly. For this, you will have to face some difficulties in the time of driving the mower. 

2. Use the correct fuel

As I mentioned above, a hydrostatic lawn mower totally depends on fuel. So, you need to use the correct fuel that makes you mower faster and smooth movement. Always try to use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel. 

3. Inspect oil level

Go through the user manual of the lawnmower to know the oil holding capacity of the fuel tank.  Inspect the oil level regularly and try to maintain the highest mark level. 

4. Check damages and leakages

Check all the connections of the mower regularly. Small damage or leakage in the connection can be dangerous for you. It also makes the mower slow, and for this, you don’t get the expected speed. 

5. Inspect the air filter

A dirty air filter blocks the air and makes the mower slower. Regular cleaning of an air filter helps to pass the air between the engine and the compressor. 

Proposed Replacement Or Modifications

Now, we will discuss these very things of which replacement or modification makes your lawnmower faster.

1. Replace the small tires with larger tires 

Replacing a slightly larger tire than Mower’s regular tires makes Mower faster. Since larger tires have a larger circumference than smaller tires, it is easier to cover more space in less time.

However, be careful when replacing the tire so that the deck won’t be too high above the ground. If the distance between the deck and the ground is more, you will have problems cutting the grass.

2. Sharpen or replace the blades of the mower

The mower blade must be sharp if you want to mow the grass very quickly. Frequent use causes the blade to become blunt and occasionally damaged.

If the blade becomes blunt, sharpen it. Also if the blade is damaged by stones or gravel and then it is preferable to change. Because a sharp blade can cut the grass very easily and make your mower faster.

3. Remove the governor

If you use a lawnmower regularly, you know that the governor limits the engine’s power and motor rotation. Removing the governor increases the efficiency of the engine as well as the motor can rotate smoothly.

4. Install a larger pulley

Installing a larger pulley can make your mower faster. But be careful when installing a larger pulley. You can find out how to install a pulley from the manufacturer’s website.

When installing pulley, gradually move to a larger size. For example, install 3.5 inches after 3 inches. Never install 5 inches after 3 inches. It can be dangerous if you install a large pulley initially.


  • Always check the whole lawn mower after any replacement or modifications.
  • Check all the connections carefully.
  • Wear safety clothing to avoid any kind of unwanted situation. 

Final Verdict

The techniques described above are simple techniques, and you can do them at home. Regular maintenance will make your mower faster and save you a lot of time.

However, if you notice any problem with a part, you can change it or make some modifications that may increase the speed of your mower. 

I hope you have got to know from this article that how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster.

And it is only you who can make your hydrostatic lawn mower faster. Just follow these tricks and be the winner! 

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