How To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire

How To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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There is no substitute for a lawn mower to make your lawn look nice and attractive. But a lawn mower is only effective when all of its parts are perfectly fine.

If the lawn mower is used regularly, then there is considerable pressure to fall on the wheels. As a result, the wheel is likely to be leaked or punctured. Like other vehicles, tubeless tires can not be used in lawn mowers. 

The Process To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire

If the tire is leaking or getting punctured then it is absolutely necessary to repair it. And this can be solved by putting a tube inside the tire.

Are you in a dilemma on how to put a tube in a lawn mower tire? Throw out all your confusion as you are here!

Yes, we’re here to give you the right guideline.

In this article, we are going to bring up all the steps that you need to put a tube in a lawn mower tire.  

So, without panicking, Let’s see what is waiting for you.

The Process To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire:

How To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire

First things first, before putting a tube in a lawn mower tire, it is necessary to gather the required tools. You will easily find these effective tools.  Let’s have a look at the necessary tools.

Necessary tools: 

  • At first, you need a jack or wooden block to support the lawn mower.
  • A hammer and a crowbar are needed to bring out the tire from the rim.
  • A small amount of corn starch also helps you to bring out the tire.
  • To cut down the valve stem you need scissors. Take some liquid dish soap for cleaning purposes. This will also help you to set the tire with the rim.
  • Finally, an inner tube is required for the completion of the task.
The Process To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire required tools

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Adjust The Jack

First of all,  take the lawn mower to a flat surface. Enter the jack under the lawn mower for the convenience of the task.

Step #2: Remove Tire and Rim

Now take out the tire and the rim from the lawn mower. Put the wheel on the ground horizontally.

Step #3: Remove The Rim From The Tire

Insert a crowbar between the rim and tire and gently hit the crowbar with a hammer. This will slowly remove the rim from the tire. Do the same thing around the tire. However, be careful that the edges of the tire and rim are not damaged.

Step #4: Cut Off The Valve Stem

Pull the tire down and find out where the valve stem is. Cut off the valve stem using scissors and bring out.

Step #5: Open The Tire

This time, try to open the tire carefully using the crowbar. But don’t try to open too many portions at once. It is likely to damage the tire. Notice that the lip of the tire is always at the bottom of the rim.

Step #6: Sprinkle Cornstarch

Sprinkle some cornstarch inside the tire. The tube will easily come out of the tire.

Step #7: Insert New Tube

Now it’s the turn to insert a new inner tube. Insert a new tube inside the tire. Notice whether the valve stem of the tire and the valve stem of the inner tube is in the same position.

Step #8: Insert The Tube Inside The Tire

Insert the tube inside the tire so that the valve stem can be easily inserted into the rim hole. A couple of vise grips allow you to band the valve stem on the outside of the rim. 

Step #9: Adjust The Tube

Push the inner tube within the tire and set it carefully in the inner portion of the tire. Try to ensure the tube within the tire doesn’t fold. Remove the vise grips at the outside.

Step #10: Wash The Tire and The Rim

Now wash the tire’s edge and the inner edge of the rim thoroughly with a mixture of hot water and soap. Installation is easier when the tire and rim are clean.

Step #11: Set Up The Tire and The Rim

When the tube is properly positioned, this is time to set up the tire and rim. To tighten the rim inside the tire, tighten a rope around the tire. The purpose of the rope is to tighten the rim so that it can be firmly attached to the tire.

Step #12: Apply Some Liquid Dish Soap

Rub some amount of liquid dish soap at the edge of the tire and at the rim’s edge. This will help attach the tire to the rim. Rub the dish soap around the rim and the edge of the tire and give some pressure to the tire to attach with the rim well. Apply pressure until the tire is fully tightened against the rim.

Step #13: Firmly Attach The Tire and Rim

Always make sure there is no gap between the tire and the rim. Finally, check around the tire well. 

Step #14: Reinstall The Wheel

Done. Now reinstall the wheel with a lawn mower. It will be re-usable when inflating the tube according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Process To Put A Tube In A Lawn Mower Tire diagram

Special Tips: 

You can use a spoon to remove and attach the tire to the rim well. This will make your task easier.


  • Carefully operate the hammer and the crowbar.
  • Stand away from the tire at the time of inflating the inner tube. 
  • Inflating the inner tube according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Don’t try to over-inflate the tire. This can damage the tire and make the tire burst.
  • Try to keep your lawn free from small pieces of glass.

Final Verdict

Putting a tube in a lawn mower tire is an easy task if you have proper knowledge about it. But If you are a newbie, it can be a quite tough task for you. 

Following the above-stated process will make your task easier.  You can even try this at home. Nevertheless, always maintain the cautions for avoiding any kind of unforeseen accidents. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you to get the appropriate guidelines on how to put a tube in a lawn mower tire.

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