How To Lift Riding Mower To Change Blades?

How To Lift Riding Mower To Change Blades?

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A riding lawn mower is best suited for yards and commercial use. This heavier version comes with many advantages. However, necessary maintenance is crucial to do the mowing job perfectly.  

As this is a heavy machine, changing the blades can be tricky. If you know the actual processes of how to lift a riding mower to change the blades, then it should not be any hassle for you.

In this article, we will see 3 different techniques which you can use to change a riding mower blade.

How To Lift A Riding Mower To Change The Blades: Steps To Follow

These are the 3 simple techniques for lifting and changing a riding mower’s blade. Have a look at these methods and apply them properly. 

Method 01: Use a Hydraulic Jack

Using a standard hydraulic jack is one of the simplest ways to lift a riding mower. If you own a car, chances are you have a traditional hydraulic jack in your garage. The lifting becomes quick and easy using this tool. Thanks to the hydraulic cylinder that creates the extra push.

Hydraulic Jack Mower

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Park the mower somewhere flat. It is necessary because a riding mower is a heavy machine.
  • For safety purposes, engage the parking brake. Otherwise, it may slip during the process.
  • Pull the deck lift and raise the mower as far as possible.
  • Now take the hydraulic jack and place it beneath the front of the riding mowers deck.
  • Lift the mower to a comfortable height with the jack.
  • Place blocks or stands on the two sides to rest the mower’s weight on them.
  • Now remove the jack, get to the blade fastener, and remove it with a wrench. 
  • Finally, remove the blade from the mower.

Method 02: Use a Jungle Jack

A jungle jack also makes the lifting procedure quite simple. It has a solid lifting capacity. In effect, it can lift heavy commercial riding mowers with ease.

 Use a Jungle Jack

Find here the steps to follow:

  • As stated in the previous method, park the mower somewhere flat and engage the parking brake.
  • Using the jungle jack, put the ‘grab tooth’ stands on the front deck of the mower.
  • Remove the pin that secures the foot pedal and apply pressure on the pedal to lift the mower.
  • Pull the cotter pin to lock the safety arm when you reach the necessary height. Locking will ensure zero movements while you are working.
  • Now take the wrench and start removing the bolts.
  • Also, you can use blocks here to support the mower for extra safety.

Method 03: Use MoJack Mower Lift

The MoJack is specialized to lift mowers and tractors. So, it’s the perfect fit for the job. You can reach a certain height with ease using a Mojack mower lift.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Park the mower somewhere flat and engage its parking brake.
  • Lock both of the front wheels correctly. Adjust the ‘wheel support’ rods to accommodate the mower’s tire size. If you are confused, see the MoJack lift’s user manual.
  • Now lift the riding mower using the crank handle or a variable speed drill.
  • You will know that you’ve reached the desired height once you have enough space to go beneath the mower to change the blade.

To sum up:

A riding mower is much heavier than traditional lawn mowers. So, you must use a professional tool to lift the machine.

These three methods on how to lift a riding mower to change the blades should help you when you have a dull one.

Good luck!

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Great! Now if I knew where to find the PTO? Or maybe the throttle?

dean says:

Great article ! You should include the Cub Cadet push button “magnetic” key in your next revised edition of this article.
This special starting function is included when you buy a Cub Cadet riding mower with the EFI engine. Owners of this machine have had problems with this starting key, including me. If you write and describe this key, please include a short theory about how it works. Thank You.

William says:

So, you don’t need to use the button under the hour meter when starting? What is it used for?

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