Best Lawn Mower Under 200

Best Lawn Mower Under 200: Reviews & Top Picks 2022

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Almost everyone has to face a messy lawn as they approach the summer/spring. There’s no better alternative to a lawnmower to control the overgrown turf. The machine with a revolving blade consistently cuts down the grass to an even height.

Whether you’re a first-timer or checking for upgrades, budgeting is always something to consider. How about finding some top lawnmowers within a mere $200?

Well, we researched for you to cover the best lawn mowers for under $200. Check out the article to figure out your ultimate grass-cutting companion.

10 Best Lawn Mower Under $200 Reviews

Not all mowers can deliver satisfactory turfing for your grassy lawn. We chose the ones that are usable on almost any lawn. Therefore, you can rely on our picks to match your lawn’s mowing requirements.

Let’s get started with the top lawnmowers under $200 from below.

#1 BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower (BEMW472BH)

This electric device is ready to serve your small-sized lawn overwhelmed by long/thick grass. BLACK+DECKER designs an enthusiastic lawnmower with a supportive bike handle.

Use one system to perform all the essential tasks. Included 20V Li-ion battery enables optimum output from the 15-amp device. Push the easy-start button to enjoy a pleasant mowing.

Best Lawn Mower Under 200

Features and Benefits

Compact 3-in-1 Mower

It features three different yet compulsory operation settings to size your lawn grass. You can either mow, trim or edge the grown turf.

Consistent Action

The mower delivers steady cutting for almost any grass type. Auto Feed Spool with Gear Drive ensures full consistency in mowing.

Excellent Clipping

Its integrated 12” winged blade yields a superior clipping collection. A cloth bag remains attached to collect all the cut-down clips.

Maneuverable Design

The handlebar has a built-in grip to allow easy mowing. Also, the rugged wheel treads deliver smooth moves on thicker grass.

Adjustable Height

There are six different cutting heights to deal with the unwanted grass. You can set the cutting height from 1.0” up to 3.0”.

#2 Greenworks Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower (MO24B410)

This battery-powered lawn mower suits any lawn size. Additionally, check out the Greenworks cordless push mower, it’s a great option to deal with common grass types.

The battery is almost flawless and gives an acclaimed turfing; however, the actual run-time depends on the grass conditions or operating technique.

Greenworks Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower (MO24B410)

Features and Benefits

Powerful Battery

Built-in 24V Li-ion battery delivers up to 35-minute running time. A fully charged 4Ah battery ensures constant power without any lag as you start the engine.

Enhanced Cutting

Its 13” cutting deck lets you handle any type of unwanted grass. Whatsmore, the blade assembly features a 3-position height adjustment.

2-in-1 Collection

Greenworks allows you to choose from two different collecting systems. You can either mulch or bag the clippings, depending on the necessity.

Simple Operation

Four 6” wheels should let you enjoy smooth mowing across the lawn, and the easy push-start button will save you any hassle of starting the engine.

Minimal Pollution

It requires no gas or oil to operate, meaning no harmful emissions. The minimal vibration of the internal parts results in less noise while cutting the grass.

#3 Fiskars Max Reel Eco-Friendly Push Lawn Mower (362050-1001)

Time to skip the battery/electricity and go with a simple kinetic mower. Fiskars get you an 18” cut width while turfing the most stubborn grass varieties.

And it effectively eliminates the cost/inconvenience of standard reel mowers. The eco-friendly push mower makes no noise, vibration, or fumes.

Fiskars Max Reel Eco-Friendly Push Lawn Mower (362050-1001)

Features and Benefits

Extra Cutting Power

It features a self-acting InertiaDrive reel without any electricity/battery. And, you’ll get about 50% additional power while cutting.

Superior Usability

The blade comes ready to slice almost any grass type. You can even handle the tough southern varieties like Bahia, Zoysia, Bermuda.

VersaCut Technology

The built-in VersaCut tech enables a wider variety of height settings. You can set the cutting height from 1” up to 4” depending on the grass conditions.

StaySharp Blades

A high-quality steel blade leaves no space for a single overgrown grass. Its precision-grounded design holds the sharpness for a longer period.

Easy to Maneuver

You can simply adjust the included grass chute with the cut height. Also, it only takes a single touch to adjust the 18” blade’s altitude.

#4 American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Electric Lawn Mower

This is another mower to suit small-sized lawns with any kind of grass. American Lawn Mower Company imparts higher satisfaction while keeping it planet-friendly.

The lightweight, sleek, compact framework only requires an electric outlet. All the unwanted, overgrown turf will get a perfect cut and ensure a greenish hue.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Electric Lawn Mower

Features and Benefits

Powerful Motor

Electricity powers up the 15-amp motor to handle any grass type. It even offers a similar efficiency to the traditional gas-powered mowers.

Precise Cutting

The corded device features a 14” width for the cuts at any setting. There are five different cutting height options, starting from 1.0” to 2.5”.

Discharge System

A usable 2-in-1 system enables mulching for the discharged clippings. Also, you can collect the clippings through the 16-gal bag that’s included.

Simple Handling

The design lets you adjust the handlebar, as well as its positioning. The adjusted handle can help you with easy operation, folding, and storage.

Eco-Friendly Act

It requires no sticky oil/gas to eliminate fumes or frequent maintenance. Again, the almost no vibration of this machine keeps the noise extremely low.

#5 Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower (B002ZVOLX4)

Even a company like Greenworks has something to offer on a corded lawn mower. The simplistic, yet highly efficient, device suits smaller lawns perfectly.

Dependable power with smooth operability makes it an excellent choice. Save your weekend without dealing with oil, gas, tune-ups, or maintenance.

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower (B002ZVOLX4)

Features and Benefits

Enlarged Deck

An extra-large 18” sized deck reduces the time it takes to cover your entire lawn. Also, the razor-sharp blade comes ready with a 12-amp motor.

2-in-1 Feature

You can keep the bag, which is included, attached to collect the cut-down turf. Or, you can remove it to mulch the clippings across the lawn.

Height Settings

There are seven different height options available for the blade to make cuts. The adjustment setting starts at 1.75”, going up to 3.75”.

Easy Operation

You can even adjust or fold the handle for comfortable handling/storage. No battery means no charging, a simple plugin will start the mower.

Smooth Cutting

7” wheels on every corner enable easy movement all across the lawn. Constant power ensures uniform cuts without noise, vibration, or fumes.

#6 Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

Access tight/narrow lawn spaces full of unwanted, messy overgrown turfs. Sun Joe develops the perfect mower to suit small-lawn management.

You just need to find an accessible electric outlet to connect the port, but this will get you the power of gas mowers in the electric device.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

Features and Benefits

Powerful Cuts

The electric mower includes a sufficiently powerful 13-amp motor. And you’ll get the cuts in a 14” wide path with every pass.

Steel Blades

Of course, the high-quality blade comes without compromised action. You’ll get the precise size without requiring a second cutting. The edges maintain absolute sharpness even after multiple turfing.

Deck Adjustment

A tailor cutting height features limited yet useful adjustment. You can use any of the three settings for the grass.

Discharge System

The front chute enables mulching to distribute the sliced pieces. It’s ideal for cutting tall grass, without any worry of clogging internal parts. You can attach the included 10.6-gal bag to collect the residual pieces of grass.

Extra Accessory

The Pro version lets you install an additional discharging chute on the rear. It should help you with more uniform mulching.

#7 Litheli Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower

Looking for a mower to take care of your lawn, yard, and garden all at once? It’ll take a little more than a mower for a small lawn.

Litheli has developed the perfect device to cover all your maintenance requirements. This battery-powered device has everything you need for a precise cut.

Litheli Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower

Features and Benefits

Brushless Motor

The built-in brushless motor delivers a speedy 3900 rpm cut in 13” width. This even, faster cut ensures healthy growth for the grass.

Safety Features

Holding the ‘lock-off’ button to pull the bail switch will start the mower. Inserting the safety key in its slot will prevent accidentally starting the engine.

Battery Support

The 20V-rated 4.0Ah battery only takes an hour to fully recharge. It even features protection against overcharge, short-circuits, overheating.

Simple Handling

Swift 6” wheels allow you to uniformly cover the grass with a single pass. You can even mow grassy slopes within a 150-degree incline.

Discharge Bags

No need to leave the freshly sliced grass all over the lawn, they provide a 9-gal bag to collect the clippings, keeping the lawn clean and well-ventilated.

#8 Ryobi Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Mower

Time to go green while cutting excessively tall, thick lawn grass. Ryobi has a great electric mower in its store to resolve your problem.

It’s a great alternative to traditional gas-powered ones. This push mower has moderate yet sufficient power to suit small lawns.

Ryobi Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Mower

Features and Benefits

Sufficient Power

The electric mower includes a reasonable 11-amp motor for the driving force. You’ll get consistent cuts without any sudden backlash.

Excellent Cutting

Also, a satisfying 13” width sounds ideal for sizing any smaller lawn. The sharp blade can tackle any kind of grass.

One-Point Setting

It only requires a single touch to adjust the cutting height with the blade. You can set the height from 1.0” to 2.5” within intervals.

Ease of Use

Simply plug the cord into an electric outlet to start cutting down the turf. Its portable frame and collapsible handle allow easy storage.

Eco-Friendly Frame

Running on electricity means no battery pollution, oil, gas, or fumes. Also, no filter or spark plug means that you save maintenance requirements.

#9 Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Lawnmowers generally aren’t able to collect all the turf as it’s in the process of cutting. If that’s what you’re looking for, then it’s a good idea to go for a vacuum-attached mower to collect the residual grass. A sweeper comes in handy without draining your wallet.

Scotts has designed a highly ergonomic push sweeper to collect all the debris. Summer, fall, autumn – it’s useful for almost every season. The machine makes your outdoor cleaning simple, fast, and effortless.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Features and Benefits

Enormous Width

Notably large, the 26” sweeping width covers more of your lawn space in one go. Using its rake on the yard means reducing your manual labor.

Rotating Brush

The push sweeper features rotating brushes instead of sharp steel blades. One single pass collects about 80% of debris left on the ground.

Height Adjustment

Maximize the cleaning efficiency with the useful height adjustment dial. Turn the knob to set the necessary height for collecting the debris.

Collection Bag

A large 3.6-bushel or 33.5-gal bag is enough for any small-sized lawn. You don’t have to waste time frequently cleaning the bags.

Easy to Maneuver

Its lightweight design allows for easy operation, movement, and storage. The collapsible handlebar helps you to find the optimal height for your grip.

#10 SENIX LPPX5-L Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower

Not many cordless push mowers are convenient in every way unless we’re talking about the SENIX mower.

This high-performance device can take your mowing to another level. Its superior tech and incredible features make it worth the money.

SENIX LPPX5-L Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower

Features and Benefits

Brushless Motor

The integrated brushless motor exhibits excellent power with a 15-amp rating. It quietly and consistently delivers the smoothest cut.

15” Cutting Deck

A 15” cutting width reduces your labor in that it reduces the necessary passes. Precise cuts are guaranteed without any fumes, noise, or vibration.

Battery Support

The cordless device runs on its 58V-rated 2.5Ah battery, which is included. Plus, it doesn’t take long to recharge with the CHX5 2Amp charger.

One-Lever Setting

The single-touch height adjustment is also available within a 1.25” – 3.25” range. You can set the height at six different levels.

Additional Safety

They provide a safety key to insert, which prevents any accidental startups. Also, the collector bag comes with an indicator to signal full capacity.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is essential for taking care of any open, grassy space. There are many options, types, varieties available, even some under $200.

But what makes a particular mower the best for your budget and necessities? Check out the essential factors to choose your ideal mower.

Driving Power

If you’re looking for a push mower under $200, there are only three types that will fit your budget: kinetic/reel, electric/corded, battery-powered/cordless. 

Kinetic mowers work on slow rotation of the blades. Electric mowers require an electric outlet near the lawn. But a battery-powered one covers an extended area.

Make sure the mower doesn’t generate any excessive noise or vibration. Check the run-time, max voltage, battery specs for the cordless ones.

Lawn Size

Any of your options will be good for a lawn measuring ¼ acre or smaller. However, it’s best to skip the reel mowers when the lawn is larger than ¼ acre.

Corded ones can cover up to ½ acre of lawn, depending on cord length. You’ll have to go for 56V (max) cordless for a ½-acre to 1-acre lawn.

Cutting Width

When we’re talking about ‘cutting/deck width’, it refers to the blade width. The first pass will cut the grass in a strip that is equal to the width. The deck width should measure 12” to 15” for $200 or cheaper mowers.

Height Adjustment

Seasonal grass growth will decide the cut-down height. You may also want to keep it taller or shorter for aesthetics.

Almost every mower includes a height adjustment for the blade. You should expect at least three settings within the 1.0” to 2.5” range.

Discharge System

Clippings are the residual cut grass left on the lawn. Mowers under $200 offer either mulching or bagging for the discharged clippings.

Mulching refers to breaking down the grass into tiny pieces. Its distribution on the lawn can fertilize the soil more. Meanwhile, bagging refers to collecting the sliced grass pieces in a bag attached above the blade.

However, none are perfect, as the mower can’t force all of the clippings into the bag. Therefore, a large portion will remain leftover on the lawn after mowing.


Gripped handles are favorable for comfortable, palm-friendly pushing. A collapsible or adjustable handle is always a plus.

Even-sized wheels are non-negotiable to ensure uniform cuts. Otherwise, it may disrupt the proper growth of the grass.

Additional Functions

Mowing will only allow you to cut down open grass to a specific size. But, trimming lets you cut inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, edging refers to cutting down the turf along the lawn borders. It’s best to look for all three functions if you want a pro-level cut.

Safety Features

Safety comes first with any device containing extremely sharp blades. Many advanced mowers offer safety keys to prevent accidental ignition. Also, it’s important to account for secure storage when it’s not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ #1 – Which is the best month to purchase lawn mowers?

Reports say April, May, August, September, October are the best months.

FAQ #1 – How long do lawn mowers last?

Most mowers should last about 10 years.

FAQ #2 – Should I cut the grass in the same direction?

No, alter the direction to ensure healthy grass growth and the blade’s edge retention.

FAQ #3 – Does frequent mowing thicken lawn grasses?

Yes, mowing frequently will make the grass grow near its root.

FAQ #4 – How often should I mow the grass?

Once a week in the growing season, preferably between 8 AM to 10 AM.

FAQ #5 – Should I mow before or after rain?

Better cut the grass after it rains and when the turf is fully dry.

Wrapping Up

A lawn mower is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. You can’t expect a beautiful grassy lawn without one. But, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a mower that will suit you the best.

However, we would suggest you the BLACK+DECKER for the best lawn mower under $200. An electric device suited for mowing, trimming, and edging on smaller lawns can’t get any better.

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